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Hello Friend, 


So let's get into it!


I am a hybrid photographer who enjoys shooting photos on my collection of film cameras and my trusty dslr.

Although I grew up in the bay area, I'm a country girl at heart. You'll see a lot of rustic and vintage themes in my work. 

I almost always find myself in nature. From the sunny beaches in San Diego, to the mountains of Tahoe, or the forests of Santa Cruz.

I love working in versatile environments and making new connections.  I very much enjoy meeting individuals through portrait photography or immersing myself in nature for landscape shots. But it all started with capturing the essence of a moment through candid photography. 

I have always gravitated towards capturing a feeling through photography. Capturing the special, but fleeting moments of life will always be something I'm grateful for.




I grew up shooting in Northern California, fell in love with the redwoods and ocean. Part of my heart resides in the forests of Santa Cruz, shores of Tahoe, and the sunny beaches of San Diego. 

All places I'm lucky to call home and where a lot fo my photography work stems from. 

You'll find me and my camera bouncing back and forth from these locations.


If you'd like to contact me you can go to my contact page to set up an over the phone consultation or you can email me directl.

Looking forward to connecting!

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